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Your brain works around the clock. It doesn't even switch off when you go to sleep. In spite of this, rest and sleep should be relaxing. The purpose of a relaxing sleep is regeneration, to have an active and efficient mind during the day. "SleepWell" contains nutrients that are put together to provide your brain , nerves and signal transfer between neutrons with equilibrium.

This product works differently on different people and the result may vary depending on individual.

Contents: 60 capsules = 48g

你的大腦全天候工作,當你睡覺時也不會關掉。休息和睡眠是應該放鬆的。優質睡眠目的是讓身體再生,使你能有舒適的心態及精神,在應付白天學習和工作時能有稱級的表現。“SleepWell / 優睡“ 提供營養給大腦,令神經在傳遞信息中得到平衡。

內容 : 每樽60粒=48克

建議服量 : 每晚2粒用開水送服