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Stress is omnipresent and drains energy, be it the positive and negative stress. It demands a high level of performance from your body day after day. The targeted composition of the "StressBalance" formula contains special nutrients, which provide energy to maintain equilibrium in your brain, nerves, psyche, concentration and learning abilities and to provide respite from the constant stresses of work and home life.

This product works differently on different people and the result may vary depending on individual.

Contents: 60 capsules = 44g


“StressBalance / 壓輕鬆“有針對性的組合物,含特殊營養份提供能量來維持大腦,神經和心理平衡。令你在工作和學習時能得以集中;在生活壓力的圍繞下,能有喘息的空間。

內容 : 60粒=44克

建議服量 : 每天2粒用開水送服