Omega 3 - Super EPA/DHA

Omega 3 - Super EPA/DHA

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Stress in its diverse forms, poses your brain with challenges again and again. Your body needs fatty acids to maintain its intellectual capacity and powers of concentration. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the fatty acid for your brain and a fundamental part of the neutrons. A high proportion of DHA in your brain is the requirement for transferring information quickly in the central nervous system. Together with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA also regulates important metabolic processes for your heart and circulation. The high dosage combination of EPA/DHA from omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil contribute to maintaining normal brain and heart function. 500mg of DHA are contained, twice as much as the European authorities for food safety state as the minimum needed to achieve a positive effect.

This product works differently on different people and the result may vary depending on individual.

Contents: 120 capsules = 180g

Intake: 2 capsules daily with plenty of fluid (optimal before a meal)

你的身體須要脂肪酸來維持其智力和定力。 DHA (二十二碳六烯酸)是為大腦中樞神經系統快速傳遞信息。與 EPA (二十碳五烯酸) 一起,規定了心臟循環的重要代謝過程。有助維持正常大腦和心臟功能。我們產品含 DHA 500毫克,相等於兩倍歐洲當局的品質要求,以達到稱級的作用

內容 : 120粒=180克

建議服量 : 每天2粒用開水送服